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ONY Phone App


Intuitively designed for older adults, ONY Phone app makes smartphones effortless than ever to navigate. Developed and designed in Singapore, the ONY Phone app features large buttons, bright screens, and hassle-free settings – making it quick to learn how to use.

ONY Phone app is a one-time purchase with FREE access to future updates that include app enhancements and new features.

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A smartphone launcher designed for older adults does not need to be boring. We have created ONY Phone for older adults with a stylish and intuitive interface. We strive to present technology that empowers older adults to enjoy using their smartphones.


If you find the current Android phone’s interface confusing and frustrating, ONY can help. ONY interface has bigger icons and text to make a phone easy to use. It is super convenient to navigate and find your favorite apps, turn on WiFi, Bluetooth, and other settings, add new apps, or even uninstall them. We have identified the most common actions seniors perform on their phones and made them intuitive and fuss-free.

Your favorite apps are just one touch away from our simplified clutter-free home screen. Simply add your most-used apps on the home screen and quickly access them, avoiding the need to scroll too much. You can even arrange the order in which your apps appear. Moreover, if you need to access all the apps, you can find them in one place with bigger icons.

Adjusting volume or brightness is effortless, and you can do so by tapping on the big + or – icons. All the basic settings, like torchlight, WiFi, Bluetooth, Flight mode, and more, are readily available, and you do not need to go through layers and layers of menu selections.

🟢 Simplified, beautiful home screen for easy access to favorite apps.
🟢 Easy access to the standard system settings.
🟢 AIR mode for those who need the bare basic functionality with everything else hidden.
🟢 All the app management simplified:
✅ Add or remove apps to home screen
✅ Arrange apps on home screen
✅ Rename apps
✅ Hide unwanted apps
✅ Uninstall apps
🟢 No Ads ever!
🟢 Virtual home button, app notifications, personalized themes, and many more.


✔️ English 🇬🇧
✔️ German 🇩🇪
✔️ Italian 🇮🇹
✔️ Spanish 🇪🇸
✔️ French 🇫🇷
✔️ Simplified Chinese 🇨🇳
✔️ Traditional Chinese (HK) 🇭🇰
✔️ Malay 🇲🇾
✔️ Hindi 🇮🇳
✔️ Bahasa Indonesia 🇮🇩
✔️ Japanese 🇯🇵
✔️ Korean 🇰🇷
✔️ Polish 🇵🇱
✔️ Portuguese 🇵🇹

ONY Phone launcher is a new app by SilverActivities developed in Singapore. We continue learning and developing the ONY interface to make it more and more user-friendly. You get excellent support and lifetime updates whenever we add new features and functions. We value your feedback and look forward to updating the apps with necessary and useful features.


ONY Phone App